Regional structure plan Bernex St-Julien, Geneva

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Project title:

Regional structure plan Bernex - St-Julien, agglomeration of Geneva (2010-2012)

Main themes:

Urban planning on different scales, integral planning (urban development, traffic planning, landscape planning), sustainable development on regional scale, public transport as development backbone, coordination density - accessibility, phaseability, densification, new urban extensions, transformation of industrial sites at the city edge, redesign and reorganisation of traffic space in favour of public transport and soft transportation modes (pedestrians, cyclists), multi-modal mobility, network of green spaces, strong visual relations, identity and orientation, cost-efficient development of infrastructure (traffic infrastructure, schools, public institutions), land resource saving, participatory process.


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (urbanism), mrs partner AG (mobility), Ecotec SA (ecology, landscape), Topos (GIS, moderation, coordination)


Urban planning department, canton of Geneva


Project 1. Generation agglomeration programme

Project tram extension TCOB

Project Ateliers Bernex

Article S+RO


Model (F&K)

The main objective of the Geneva agglomeration project is to prevent urban sprawl, to establish a high spatial quality of the urban areas and to find a balance between housing and working. Urban development should take place along the main public transport lines in order to reduce the dependance on motorized traffic. For this reason, six development lines were defined.

One of these lines is the corridor Geneva - Bernex, with the historic acces road «Route de Chancy» as backbone. Within this corridor, over 12'000 dwellings and 8'000 working places will be developed. The project consists of various densification projects, urban transformations and urban expansions. An important theme is the social balance within the urban development. Part of this project was the realisation of a new tramline and the reorganisation and redesign of the «Route de Chancy». In addition to improvements for public transport, the situation for pedestrians and cyclists (for both longitudinal and transversal relations) was ameliorated. Furthermore, public transport nodes are not just considered as transportation hubs, but also as meeting places, neighbourhood centers and attractive places to stay. Around these nodes, a strong densification and a mix of functions is provided.

Due to the long term development (until 2040) a phaseable settlement structure was generated, which integrates new developments in the existing landscape and settlement space. Synergies between existing and future infrastructure (schools, parks, public transport) are provided. Green spaces are connected with the surrounding landscape and recreation areas, which make possible direct visual references to the Jura and Salève Mountains along the entire development corridor.