Regional vision Bern-Mittelland

Zukunfsbild bern mittelland 04

Regional development vision

Zkb bm landschaft ol 04

Regional landscape development strategy

Zkb bm siedlung ol 04

Regional urban development strategy

Zkb bm oeffentlicherverkehr ol 04

Regional public transport strategy

Zkb bm fuss veloverkehr ol 04

Regional strategy for active mobility

Zkb bm kombi verkehr ol 04

Regional strategy for combined mobility

Zkb bm miv ol 04

Regional strategy for car traffic

Project title:

Vision for the Bern-Mittelland Region, agglomeration programm 4th. generation (2020-2021)

Main themes:

Regional development strategy, strategic spatial planning, spatial dynamics, Swiss capital city region, urbanity and rurality, compact cities and villages, development of the rural and suburban areas, natural and agricultural landscape, integral planning of mobility and urbanisation, combined mobility, station district development, sustainable regional development, metropolitan landscapes, public landscapes


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH, Ecoptima AG, Metron Bern AG


Regional conference Bern-Mittelland


Regionalkonferenz Bern-Mittelland

Article Berner Zeitung

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Zukunftsbild bern zoom kl

Zoom metropolitan area of Berne, spatial structure plan

Zukunftsbild bern zoom mitte

Zoom core agglomeration of Berne

Zukunftsbild bern zoom nord

Zoom northern periphery of the core agglomeration

Zukunftsbild bern zoom ost

Zoom eastern periphery of the core agglomeration