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Port Egerkingen - Härkingen

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Port Egerkingen - Härkingen

Project title:

Test Study economic region All-Gäu (2020-2021)

Main themes:

Regionally coordinated workplace development, logistics in spatial planning, productive region, urban climate in industrial areas, strategic spatial development, strategic regional development, strategic masterplan, regional masterplan, structural change, location upgrading, location quality, location profiling, spatial analysis, network and territory, site development, strategy development, utilization concept, placemaking, new spatial planning instruments, regional economics, integral planning settlement-transport-landscape and agriculture, bio-climatic corridors, synergies between workplace areas and agricultural production or energy production, utilization profiles workplace areas, urban development of large reserve areas, integration Cargo Sous Terrain systems


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (lead, urbanism, regional planning), mrs partner AG (traffic planning), quadra GmbH (landscape planning)


Canton of Solothurn and Gäu-municipalities


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